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China Electric Electrical Ceramics
Item: Heat Resistant Electrical Ceramics For Industrial
Producing Method: Hot pressing /Dry pressing
Color: Yellow
Items Design: According to client's drawing or samples
The main chemical ingredient of Heat Resistant Electrical Ceramics For Industrial is 2MgO路2Al2O3路5SiO2, main material is steatite, clay, alumina ,feldspar, etc. Manufactured by normal ceramic technic, can be used for loop frame work, insulators of arc-resistance, element of composite materials, burnable nozzle of electrical insulators, and etc.
Heat Resistant Electrical Ceramics For Industrial are extensively used in important industrial applications such as micro electronics, refractory products, heat exchanger for gas turbines, thermal shock-resistant table ware, catalyst supports, and porous ceramics. Low-expansion cordierite is suitable for being applied at high temperature circumstance where a good thermal shock resistance is required.
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Type: Ceramic Parts
Application: Refractory
Material: Alumina Ceramic
Model Number: Customer's Requirements
Brand Name: Tianyun
Color: white or yellow
Density: 3.2g/cm3
Advantage: Heating Effect
Usage: Parts for heater
Technical Parameter:
ItemUnit&SymbolCordierite ceramics
The main chemical ingredient
2MgO 2Al2O3 5SiO2
Bulk Densitygm/cc
Maximum Use Temperature
Water absorption%0
Bending StrengthKgf/cm2900
Compressive StrengthKgf/cm23500
Fracture ToughnessMap.m3/2
Thermal expansion1X 10-6/掳C鈮?.0
Thermal conductivityW/m 掳K1.3-
Thermal Shock Resistance掳C250
Dielectricity constant
Dielectric strengthac-kV/mm (ac V/mil)10
Volume Resistivityohm-cm>1012China Electric Electrical Ceramics

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