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China Air Cooled Screw Chiller For Electronics Industry
SANHE Freezing Machinery (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture which was established by domestic Huizhuo and Japan Ronghe corporation in 2017. It located in Guangzhou Economic and Technology Development Zone . Combined with Japan R&D center and Guangdong University of Technology,We are committed to industrial chiller, central air conditioner, magnetic centrifugal chiller R&D and manufacture.Above 50% of our staff have more than 10 years experience in the HVAC and chiller industry.
SANHE Main Products: Magnetic-bearing Centrifugal Chiller, Scroll chiller, Screw chiller, packaged air conditioner, constant temperature and humidity air conditioner, anti-corrosion chiller, explosion-proof chiller and other special industry chillers etc. Our products are designed specifically for commercial, institutional or industrial needs. We take pride in our products because every major components requires the perfect combination of modern technology, reliable testing and quality assurance principles.
Our Mission: SANHE is dedicated to promote the higher efficiency and best quality refrigeration products. We distinguish ourselves in the chiller market by flexibility of design, by ensuring the prefect performance and by always putting our customer first. SANHE always make unremitting efforts to promote human life and lead the new trend in the refrigeration industry !China Air Cooled Screw Chiller For Electronics Industry

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