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175cc Motorcycle Engine Made in China
Founded in 2011, CHONGQING CHEER POWER INDUSTRIAL LIMITED is anexcellent global supplier of high performance motorcycle and racing parts formotorcycles, ATV and cars. Until now, we have developed a lot of brands for our customers, such as CHEER POWER, KAYAK, KELLER, CERRO.
All products are distributed to domestic and overseas customers in auto partsmarkets in more than 30 countries and regions including Europe, USA, MiddleEast and South America etc. A complete sales network and after-sales serviceshave been successfully established.
The business model in our company is diversified, which ranges frommanufacture, self-marketing, export trading and sourcing. We can provide productdesign, development and machining. We work with customers to fully understandproduct specifications and critical-to-quality requirement and provide deeptechnical expertise on specific manufacturing processes. Our mission is tocreate mutual-beneficial chances to our customers and help them grow fast.
Motorcycle, tricycle, cub motorcycle, dirtbike, motorcycle parts, motorcycle accessories, motorcycle engine,motorcycle plastica parts, motorcycle carburetor, motorcycle shock absober, motorcycle brake pads, motorcycle brake shoes.
1. Guaranteed trouble-free performance
Performance is our priority. Our wholesale high performance motorsports partsare among the most trusted aftermarket spare parts in the world. Withcritical-to-quality requirement and strict quality control in manufacturingprocesses, every product turns out as nice as an art craft, more importantly,its great performance always give great surprise to our customers.
2. Reliable service
Our team has all the up-to-date industry knowledge and experience to provideyou with professional and reliable advice.Any of your inquiry will be respondedin 12 hours.
3. One-stop sourcing to meet all kinds of demands
We offer all our buyers support services that include supply technical advice,design, customization, direct import, flexible shipping, door-to-door freightforwarding etc.
4. We have Stock , Accept flexible MOQ
A majority of our products we have in stock. We accept any quantity of youorder.
5. Strict Quality Control
We use the very best in raw materials and employing a stringent quality controlprocess. You got to see our products to believe the quality and craftsmanshipthat go into each individual part.
6. Develop new Products everyday
With strong capability of product development, our workshop is capable ofdeveloping new products constantly according to the demands of the customersand the market.
We always do our best to look for new ways to increase the value of theproducts and services we offer our customers. Please contact us today.175cc Motorcycle Engine Made in China

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