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Customized LNBF
Product Parameters
L.O. frequencyLow band:9.75GHzHigh band:10.6GHz
Input frequencyLow band:10.7-11.7GHzHigh band:11.7-12.75GHz
Output frequencyLow band:950-1950MHzHigh band:1100-2150MHz
Product nameKu band LNB dual L.O. 4 output
Production Details
The ku band dual local oscillator 4 output is a combination of a low noise amplifier, a mixer, a local oscillator and an intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier. It acts as a satellite receiver for the RF front end, receives the satellite from the satellite signal collected by the disk, amplifies it, and downconverts the intermediate frequency (IF) of the lower block of the frequency block. This down conversion allows signals to be transmitted to an indoor satellite television receiver using a relatively inexpensive coaxial cable; if the signal maintains its original microwave frequency, expensive and impractical waveguide lines will be required.
After-sale Service
Under the conditions of abiding by these regulations, users use arresters in accordance with the usual way. From the date of shipment, products damaged due to poor quality can not operate normally within three years, and can be replaced or repaired free of charge.
1. How about delivery date?
Lead time: for 1-100 pcs, 7 days after payment received
More than 100 pcs, need to negotiate
2. What modes of transportation do you have?
Express(UPS/DHL/Fedex/EMS/ARAMEX) Air freight and Sea freight
3. Does the product support customization?
Of course ,we accept OEM and ODM order. OEM: LOGO and Brand printing,product packaging and outer packaging requirements. ODM: Provide us with product technical parameters and more details.Customized LNBF

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