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China Dissection Training Car
After dissecting the electric vehicle assembly; configuring teaching materials, suitable for automotive professional assessment and training.
1. The main assembly is dissected and distinguished by various colors and treated for rust prevention.
2. The movement process of each main component can be clearly seen.
3. It can meet the teaching of the whole vehicle structure and basic working principle.
4. The cover, interior and paint color are not damaged and the configuration is complete.
5. After dissection, it does not affect the function of each system of the vehicle.
Level: small car;
Car body structure: 5-door 5-seat hatchback;
Energy type: pure electric;
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pure electric driving mileage (km): 150;
Fast charge time (hours): 1
Slow charging time (hours): 8
Fast charge percentage: 80
Maximum power (KW): 45
Maximum torque (N路m): 144
Gearbox: electric vehicle single speed gearbox
Length 脳 width 脳 height: 4025 脳 1720 脳 1503;
Maximum speed (km/h): 125;
Motor type: permanent magnet / synchronous
Number of drive motors: single motor
Motor layout: front
Battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity (kwh): 25.6
1.Is sample available for testing first?
Yes. Sample order is welcomed.
2.How do we deliver?
Zhongcai can help choosing the cheapest delivery agent, if customer dose not have regular agent.
3.How do we pay?
T/T and RMB Cash, 50% in advance and balance before shipment.
4.How do we know which product suits our school ?
We are more than happy to hear from you, and recommend according to your needs.
So please contact us right away, we will be waiting for you today.China Dissection Training Car

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