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Double Layer Capacitor quotation
1. Dimensions
Size codeLL1DD1D2Weight(g)
2. Features
Service life: when the internal resistance of super capacitor increases, the capacity decreases, j is within the specified parameter range, and its effective service time can be extended, generally related to the requirements of Article 4 of its characteristics. It is the end of life that the activity dries up, the internal resistance increases, and the storage capacity drops to 63.2%.
3. Application
Supercapacitors can stabilize voltage fluctuations for powerlines by acting as dampeners. Wind and photovoltaic systems exhibit fluctuating supply evoked by gusting or clouds that supercapacitors can buffer within milliseconds. Also, similar to electrolytic capacitors, supercapacitors are also placed along the power lines to consume reactive power and improve the AC power factor in a lagging power flow circuit. [citation needed] This would allow for a better used real power to produced power and make the grid overall more efficient.
4. Storage
Recommends all products be stored under the following conditions
1. Parts are to be stored indoors in the original container
2. Temperature from +5C to +35C(41F to 95F)
3. Relative Humidity between 40% to 75%
5. FAQ
1.Q:Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A:We are manufacturer in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, P.R. China with more than 30 years of history.
2.Q: How long can we got this sample?
A: After receiving the sample charge and all the item and specification being confirmed, the sample time is 1-3 days and Express delivery usually needs around 3-4 day.
3.Q:What鈥檚 your warranty?
A:Our products will be 100% tested in the production.
6. Our Service
We provide one-to-one service, including sales and FAE. Field application engineers will help recommend products in line with your request. Free Samples are available for test.Double Layer Capacitor quotation

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